Magic Card of the Day: Oath of Druids

oath of druids

Alright folks. Check it out in all it’s glory. The MTG card of the day is Oath of Druids. This card is very near and dear to my heart. It’s been the only vintage deck I’ve had the pleasure of playing, and it will be the only one I’ll play. This card just feels like cheating with out the whole cheating thing. Sometimes I wish they would reprint this card, but if they did, all hell would break loose. Could you imagine something like Dragonlord Atarka or Ulamog coming into play on turn three? It’s bad enough we’re able to ramp both creatures out faster than normal, but to get them out that fast without having to pay as much mana is absurd.


Earlier this year, the vintage championships were held. The winning deack – Oath of Druids. If memory serves me correct, it came down to the final game of the match. After a mulligan to six cards, the eventual winner won on turn one. It was very anti-climactic, but that’s how powerful the card is.


When I ran the deck, it was playing creatures like Akroma, Angel of Wrath and Spirit of the Night to beat down your opponent. Now it plays more like a combo deck setting up a way to stick Griselbrand¬†on the board and protecting him once he’s out there. Typically, once he’s there, it’s hard to overcome his power as well.


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