New Kickstarter Board Game ‘Dogs of War’ Coming in Q4

At ACD Games Day – an annual event held by ACD Distribution, owned by Hall of Fame Magic the Gathering player Bob Maher Jr., CoolMiniOrNot shared details about the planned release of Dogs of War, a new European-style board game they will release in the fourth quarter, according to retailer news website


Designed by Paolo Mori (Libertalia, Augustus), Dogs of War is a game of intrigue and backstabbing, set in a steampunk Renaissance universe.  Players take the role of captains of private armies, deployed in favor of rival noble houses.  Players use their Dog of War to help them win influence, battles and if needed, betray the house they’ve sworn allegiance to.  The goal is not pure military power, but rather to amass power by getting rewards from houses, amassing gold and troops, and gaining influence with the most successful houses.


The box will contain 30 plastic busts of the 5 Dogs of War and their player screens, 50 soldier cards (4 types), 32 tactical cards, 72 house influence tokens (for 6 houses), 36 coins, 60 victory point tokens,  and a configurable tile-based game board.  The game is for 3 -5 players.  

The game was funded on Kickstarter at the beginning of May, and raised $66,703 from 1,139 backers ($58.56/backer).


If this board game sounds sweet, let us know when you stop by your local Battleground Games & Hobbies! Special order available.




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