Paizo Announces ‘Pathfinder Battles: The Lost Coast’


Paizo announced details on its next set of Pathfinder Battles miniatures, according to hobby industry news website  The Lost Coast set will release in November.

The Lost Coast set will contain 45 figures, and unlike previous sets, will not be based on characters from a specific Pathfinder Adventure Path, as previous sets Reign of Winter and Wrath of Righteous were.  Instead, this release will be a broad-based set based on multiple Pathfinder RPG products, but with a specific focus on the popular region of Varisia, which has been the setting for previous Adventure Paths and other releases.  

The set will include monsters, heroes and humanoids inspired by previous releases, as well as new monster types not yet released in this figure line.  The case incentive figure will be the “Gargantuan Shemhazian Demon,” which is also the largest figure produced to date.

Each Lost Coast booster contains 1 large figure and 3 medium/small figures.  The Lost Coast Standard Brick contains 8boosters (32 total figures.) The Lost Coast Standard Case contains 4 Standard Bricks (32 boosters, 128 figures).




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