Paizo Publishing Announces February 2015 Releases

Paizo Publishing has announced its Pathfinder RPG releases for the month of February 2015, first reported by, which is the beginning of a new Adventure Path series: Giantslayer.  Releases include the first adventure, a new campaign setting book, an adventure “toolbox,” and a map pack.

The Battle of Bloodmarch Hill launches the new six-part Giantslayer Adventure Path.  In this adventure, players must defend a human settlement besieged by orcs while uncovering the truth behind a mysterious death.  The adventure is designed for first level characters, and includes information on the giants of Golarion, new game mechanics for giants, and a new Pathfinder’s Journal.  The adventure is compatible with the Pathfinder RPG and the Open Game License.


The new Pathfinder Campaign Setting:  Tombs of Golarion presents a number of deadly dungeons and tombs for the Pathfinder game world.  The 64-page softcover book includes a number of adventures including new monsters, traps, and treasures, as well as suggestions for game masters who want to include them in their own campaigns.

The Pathfinder Player Companion:  Melee Tactics Toolbox will be a 32-page softcover book with new rules and game materials designed to enhance melee combat in the game.  This book was written with the player in mind, designed to appeal to them rather than gamemasters.  MSRP is $12.99.

The last of Paizo’s planned quartet for February will be the Pathfinder Map Pack:  River System.  Designed to work with thePathfinder Flip-Mat: Basic Terrain Multi-Packand other grassy flip-mats, this set includes 18 full-color map tiles illustrated by Jason Engle.  The tiles can be used to create a variety of river scenes, and have a special coating that allows wet, dry, and permanent markers to be used and erased.  This will be the 54th Map Pack game accessory.

What do you think of these new offerings from Paizo Publishing? Does Pathfinder have what it takes to stand up to D&D Next? Let us know what you think!