PAX East 2014 – Thank You!

There is simply no question that the hardest the Battleground staff works all year long is the week leading up to and through PAX East weekend. For the show to go off so well, we need everyone giving their all, and this year we were blown away with how much effort our staff and volunteers put in.


I’d like to begin by thanking Chase, without whom our PAX presence (and so much of what Battleground does) just couldn’t happen. Considering the industry we work in, it seems perfectly acceptable for me to quote Star Trek in how I feel about Chase: “[I] feel safer about [his] guesses than most other people’s facts.” His organizational skills, researching ability, and limitless drive are what set the pulse of Battleground.


To the entire staff of Battleground, I give my thanks. For those of you that take the journey with us to the show and manage to remain on your feet all day long and never lose the capacity for a smile, a conversation, or an opportunity to help someone find the perfect game, I am so grateful for your presence and your dedication. To the staff that remains behind to hold down the fort at our Abington and Plainville locations, you also deserve high praise. Your sacrifice of not attending the show in order to put in long hours over the weekend does not go unnoticed!


To the volunteers who give so much effort to help us do what we do at PAX East, I am utterly humbled by your stamina. Before I even needed to open my mouth to ask one of you for help, you were already there. Without your command of the Tabletop Hall, the PAX East gaming convention would be a lesser show. How many people leave with memories of the great time you showed them with nothing more than your love of playing games? We are so proud of how much you give to the people who attend the convention. Teaching games until your voice is hoarse and scoffing at the notion of sleep – you are why we succeed.


And finally, to those who come to spend time with us at our booth and with our demo team, we thank you for your company and support. We are grateful for your friendship and for being a part of our shared enthusiasm for all things gaming.


I can’t believe I’m saying this, as I still haven’t shaken off the exhaustion from the weekend, but I already can’t wait for next year!


Thank you so much!