Player at SCG Worcester Open Series Suspected of Cheating

10/30/14, 6:06 PM – UPDATE: Trevor Humphries is suspended for a period of four years. In addition, Alex Bertoncini is likewise suspended for a period of three years.


Last weekend, retailer and event organizer Star City Games of Virginia hosted their well-known tournament series, the SCG Open, in Worcester, MA. Earlier today, a post on surfaced in which the eventually winner, Trevor Humphries, is allegedly caught on camera stacking his opponent’s deck by sliding cards to the top of his opponent’s deck while shuffling.


Unfortunately, we can’t embed a video, but you can watch the match in question by clicking here. Specifically, watch Mr. Humphries shuffling his opponent’s deck during the second game.


Here is a .gif of the alleged issue in close detail, courtesy of redditer J_Golbez.


Furthermore, additional evidence has supposedly surfaced in which Mr. Humphries may have employed the shuffling tactics in question during the SCG Invitation earlier this year. You can see for yourself by clicking here.


Jared Sylvan, Level 4 Judge and Organized Play Manager for Star City Games, posted this to

“We have reviewed the footage of Mr. Humphries and concluded that there is enough evidence that we have submitted an investigation to the Judge Program. We have contacted Mr. Humphries to notify him of this and to request a statement for inclusion in the investigation.

This also activates our Prize Hold policy for players under investigation meaning that Mr. Humphries’ prizes will be held, pending the completion of this investigation. If the investigation results in a suspension, his prizes will be donated to charity.

Jared Sylva Organized Play Manager”


What do you think? Did Mr. Humphries deloy a cheat during his high profile match? Is Star City Game’s response adequate? You be the judge and let us know in the comments below.


We’ll update this story as it develops. Stay tuned!