Queen’s Games Announces New Board Game ‘Greed’

Photo courtesy of ICv2.com.


Award-winning game designer Donald X. Vaccarino (Kingdom Builder, Dominion)’s card-drafting game Greed was on display at the Queen Games booth at last week’s Gen Con, according to hobby news website ICv2.com.  Another Kickstarter-funded project for Queen, it is expected to ship into the trade channels soon.

Queen Games USA’s Executive Director Keith Blume described the game.  “You take the role of a late-60’s crime boss, and basically try to acquire the most wealth and become the crime boss of the city.  That’s one that’s a little bit darker theme for us, relative to the usual family fair.  It’s been getting a lot of play here.”


Players can invest in various legal business “holdings,” hire “thugs” to collect revenue, and engage in criminal activities against other players.  Game play is simultaneous, with players drafting and playing cards each round at the same time.  Greed can be played by two to five players and plays in about 45 minutes.

Queen’s Kickstarter drive for Greed gathered $26,208 in pledges from 822 backers ($31.88/backer average), well over the modest $5,000 goal.