Steve Jackson Games Announces It Will Publish ‘I Hate Zombies’

I hate zombies box art

Steve Jackson Games, today, announced it will be publishing the successfull Kickstarter game “I Hate Zombies.” The game a is a fun, fast-paced game that puts two teams against each other to battle – a team of humans and a team of zombies. Here’s a more detailed break down of what the game is all about:


“In this game for up to twelve, players are split into two teams: one zombie team and one human team. Zombies take more effort to kill, while humans each have a unique special ability. Any human that is eliminated becomes a zombie, and play continues until only one side remains. Either the surviving humans are the winners, or the surviving zombies (except the very last zombie created).”


The cool thing about this game is that the battles between zombies and humans are settled by playing Rock-Papers-Scissors. Add to that the powers that some of the cards give you, and you get an exciting game that can end in about 10 minutes.


i hate zombies card examples

Okay, so short games may not be for some people, but the big benefit of a fast game is that you can play more of them! With up to 12 people playing, games have the potential of getting ugly…in a good way.


Kickstarter orders have already been fulfilled, but there is no set date for the game to hit retail stores.


I Hate Zombies was designed by Kevin Wilson. The game contains 21 large, double-sided character cards and a rulesheet. It’s also for 2 – 12 players and the MSRP is set at $14.95.


Source: ICv2