‘Sword and Shield’ – Episode 2 – “It’s a Conspiracy!”

Hey everyone! We’re back with another episode of Sword and Shield. I guess some of you actually liked it, so we did another episode. This week, we’ve got Andrew Pegg-Wheat. If you’ve ever ordered a card from the store and recieved it by mail, Andrew is the guy who probably packed the card for you and shipped it. On this week’s episode, we talk about some Pokemon, Netrunner, and then tackle Conspiracy 2: The Empty Throne. However, Wizards has been having fun and changed the name again. Now it’s Conspiracy 2: Empty Throne!


Also in this episode, my mic sounded low. I’m always working on perfecting the sound quality, so let me know if you have any suggesstion (or if you want to buy me some professional equipment). Anyways, sit back and enjoy the show. Don’t forget to share it with your friends as well!