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Konami Announces Updates to ‘Battle Pack 3: Monster League’


Konami has shared details regarding the highly anticipated Battle Pack 3: Monster League for its Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG, which releases August 1st. Who’s excited?!

Like other Battle Packs, Battle Pack 3: Monster League is designed specifically for booster draft play.  Konami teased earlier this year that it would introduce something new, but kept changes under wraps until now.

The first new feature in this release is the 10 new cards used to enhance draft and sealed games: the set includes two new Monsters, two new Spells, and six new Traps. All these cards are focused specifically on the battle dynamic, but are also 100% legal for regular constructed deck play.

The second feature is the “Shatterfoil” cards.  Previous Battle Packs have had Starfoil cards and Mosaic Rares; this new release has shattered-glass style cards, and all 237 cards in the set can be had as Shatterfoils.  Further, every pack will contain 1 Shatterfoil card.


This set will also see the return of the Xyz Monsters from Battle Pack 1: Epic Dawn. However the Xyz Monsters can only be had as rare, Shatterfoil-only cards.

The special tournament rule for draft/sealed play with Battle Pack 3 is the “Monster League” rule: All monsters are all Types.  This means that regardless of monster placement (in deck, extra deck, hand, graveyard, field, or banished) all monsters are treated as every monster Type.  (The Monsters have put aside their differences and united in a giant Monster League.)

The Battle Pack 3: Monster League set will contain 237 cards, with a rarity breakdown of: 165 Commons, 55 Rare, and 17 cards only available as Shatterfoils (though all 237 cards can be had as Shatterfoils).  Each 5-card pack contains 3 Commons, 1 Rare, 1 Shatterfoil.


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