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Counterfeit ‘Magic’ Cards Found With New ‘M15’ Card Frame

In an article published last Thursday by Boston Examiner featured writer David Leavitt for, Mr. Leavitt reported that a specific, unnamed company producing “high quality proxies” of Magic the Gathering card and selling them on their website, has found a way to reproduce the newly released Magic 2015 (M15) card face and foil stamp, including the new exclusive-to-Magic font.


Unfortunately, counterfeit Magic the Gathering cards isn’t a new thing. In January 2014, we reported that a company in China was found to be producing high quality fake Magic the Gathering cards (see “Counterfeit Magic the Gathering Cards Found“).


While this is certainly troubling, rest assured that Battleground Games & Hobbies takes counterfeit Magic the Gathering cards very seriously. All single cards are always very closely examined to ensure their authenticity; and we only order sealed product from reputable sources. In addition, in the event we find counterfeit cards, they are immediately destroyed.


Should you ever encounter counterfeit cards or have a questions about the authenticity of a card, please do not hesitate to ask us to help! Please, always report counterfeit cards to Wizards of the Coast at Please be sure to read Wizards of the Coast’s official statement with regards to fake cards. For more information about how to spot fake cards, please click here.


To read Mr. Leavitt’s article in it’s entirety, including pictures and a detailed interview with the individual claiming to produce these new counterfeit cards, please click here.


Source: “Counterfeit ‘Magic: The Gathering’ cards being produced in new ‘M15’ card frame” by David Leavitt






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