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“God Packs” Confirmed in Journey into Nyx




We all have dreamed about the possibility of opening a so-called “God Pack,” the contents of which contain extra rare or mythic Magic the Gathering cards. Well, it appears as if now you can! As discovered at Journey into Nyx pre-release events around the world, there is a chance to open all fifteen Theros Block mythic “God” cards in one booster pack!


God Pack 3

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Yesterday, Wizards of the Coast announced “A Divine Gift” on, that these packs are indeed real and not limited to pre-release events; there are more “God packs” out there! In addition, they also mention that should you open these packs in a Limited event, you should consult the Head Judge immediately, as he or she has the discretion – in the interest of fairness – to issue to you a new booster pack of Journey into Nyx.


That means that, while the pre-release may have come and gone, there are more of these packs out there!


God Pack 1

Picture courtesy of Photo taken at Games Laboratory in Australia.



Have you or anyone you know opened any of these so-called “God Packs”? Let us know in the comments below! Plus, don’t forget to join us this Friday at Battleground Games & Hobbies for the Fat Pack Challenge! A lot of Journey into Nyx packs will be opened this Friday; who will open a “God Pack,” will it be you?



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