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Wizards of the Coast Announces Modern at the Pro Tour



In case you missed it, earlier this month during Pro Tour Magic 2015, Wizards of the Coast – publishers of the popular card game Magic the Gathering – released the schedule of their 2014-2015 Premier Organized Play schedule, which includes the Magic the Gathering Pro Tour and Grand Prix events. However, this announcement caused quite a stir when it was relvealed that the format for each of the Pro Tour events next year would include only the “Standard Constructed” and “Booster Draft” formats.


Fans took to social media and reddit to complain in droves, most often stating that this is the “death of the ‘Modern’ format.”


Well, Wizards of the Coast must be listening to their passionate fan base. Last night, Director of Organized Play Helen Bergeot released a statement that the increasingly popular “Modern Constructed” format would indeed be showcased at the Magic the Gathering Pro Tour in 2015, as well as the addition of changing Grand Prix Vancouver to Modern as well.


Here is her statement, in it’s entirety:

“During Pro Tour Magic 2015, on August 2, we announced the schedule, locations, and formats for the 2015 Pro Tours. The Constructed format for all Pro Tours in that announcement was Standard.


Since then, we have received comments and concerns from the Magic community regarding this announcement, and the omission of Modern from the 2015 Pro Tour schedule. After evaluating all feedback and after further discussion, we have decided to add Modern to the 2015 Pro Tour schedule.

The Pro Tour in Washington D.C., which will take place from February 6–8 in 2015, will feature Modern Constructed and Booster Draft as the tournament’s formats. This is a change from the previous schedule announcement of Standard and Booster Draft.

In addition, the format for Grand Prix Vancouver, taking place February 21–22 in 2015, will be changed from Limited to Modern.

In order to address the community’s questions regarding this change and other changes related to the direction of Magic, its formats, and Organized Play, we will also be hosting a CoverItLive chat session on Tuesday, August 26, where Director of Global Brand Marketing Mark Purvis, Senior Director of R&D Aaron Forsythe, and I will answer the community’s questions. We will have more details—including the time for when this CoverItLive chat session will take place—later this month.


As always, we appreciate the feedback that you have provided us regarding recent announcements, and we will address the community’s questions accordingly.

Helene Bergeot
Director of OP Programs & Operations
Wizards of the Coast”


What do you think of this change? Is this a good idea? Are you excited that the Pro Tour’s next year will have some format variety? Please let us know is the comments below!






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