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Journey into Nyx Summer League – Begins TODAY!


League begins Monday, May 12th (League meeting every Monday after)
Format: Sealed Deck (+ up to two packs per week)*
Date: May 12th through June 9th, 2014 (a Monday)
Time: 6:00pm on Mondays
Entrance Fee: $32.00 per person

Abington Address:
1423 Bedford Street
Abington MA 02351

Parking on site at both locations

Battleground’s Facebook Page

What Do I Get?
• TWO booster packs of Theros.
• ONE booster pack of Born of the Gods
• THREE packs for Journey into Nyx (You may purchase up to 2 additional Theros Block booster packs weekly to improve your league deck.)
• A BRAND NEW Battleground Playmat will be given out at the first league meeting.
• DCI registration and number (if needed)

What Happens There?
Joining the Journey into Nyx League, you will be given the opportunity to play with the newest cards in an on-going, four-week league. There will be prizes, and players can complete achievements for fun and excitement.

Theros League matches can be played at ANY time, not just the Monday nights of League meetings.  Feel free to play in between rounds of draft, FNM, or whenever else League participants are in the store.

Over the course of the league, you will be able to add more boosters to your league deck.

Each participant will record the results of their first 5 matches per week, for a total of 20 match results over the course of the league. Players are encouraged to play much more than the 5 matches per week so that other players can find games easily.  Also, players joining the Jounrey into Nyx League late can play extra matches to catch up!

Players will receive 2 points for a Match Win, and 1 point for a Match Loss or a Draw.

Players may not record results from the same opponent until they have completed a match and recorded results with two other players beforehand.

Example: Calvin can not record results from playing Chase a second time until he’s played and recorded matches with two other people.

Prizes will be awarded on Monday, June 9th, following the conclusion of the league. Prizes will be provided based on league match standings and will be based on overall attendance / participation.

*You may not use any cards from pre-release/release, drafts or FNM events.

Come down, play some cards, check out the new set, and meet some new people!




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