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This week in gaming: An open casting call, GPTs, Weiss, and M15




Calling all writers


If you’ve been reading my blog posts, articles, whatever you want to call them for a while now, then you may have noticed that they are centered around “Magic: The Gathering.” Now there is a perfectly good explanation for this. The main reason being is that is my area of gaming expertise.


I don’t think there is anything wrong with this, but it makes things a little boring if you’re not into “Magic.” That’s where you come in. Consider this an open casting call for writers of all backgrounds. One of the goals I am trying to accomplish is to help get different content on the site. That’s where you come in.


Is there something related to gaming that your very passionate about?Is there an awesome Dungeons and Dragons sessions you want to tell people about? Do you have experience in table top wargaming like Warmachine or Warhammer 40K? Are you really good at painting miniatures or scenery? Something that would be great is content with tips and tricks for beginner miniature players.


Don’t worry, I’m always open to others writing about “Magic.” Having multiple perspectives is a great thing to have. It really helps to diversify the writing on the website. So, if you’re interested in giving writing a shot, then let me know. Pitch me your ideas at Please include your name and keep your pitch to around 200 words.


If you’re idea sounds good, we’ll contact you and move from there. These writing opportunities are strictly voluntary. That should be the last thing on your mind, though. The idea is to have fun and help spread your knowledge.


Modern at this Friday’s FNM


This Friday will be the third Friday of the month. You know what that means. Modern will be offered at this Friday’s FNM in addition to Standard and Draft.


This would be a great time to try out any ideas you may have for the Modern season that’s now in session. In case you missed it, Battleground Games & Hobbies hosted a Grand Prix Trial on June 14. Several of the Top 8 competetors included some of the usual players from the Abington store: Ken Briscoe, James Costello, and Chris Alexander. Also in the Top 8 was Devin Malko who plays at the Plainville store. The eventual winner was Nicholas Blake who also plays at the Plainville store.


The deck lists for the entire Top 8 can be found by clicking on this link.


If you missed out on the GPT on June 14, then don’t worry. There will be another GPT hosted at the Abington store. That GPT will be held on June 29. The format is Modern and the winner will also receive a box of Modern Masters in addition to the 2-round byes. This should be a big turnout. Everyone will be gunning for that box of Modern Masters. This could be your chance to open a foil Tarmogoyf!


Do you play Weiss Schwarz?



weizz schwarz logo

If you play Weiss Schwarz, rumor has it that the store will be getting some visitors from out of town looking for some pick-up games. So if you’re tired of the usual competition and are looking for some new action and new opponents, this is your opportunity to do so.


The usual time for Weiss Schwarz actions is 2:00 PM on Saturday. Be there or be a four-sided object.


M15 prerelease dates have been set


Can you believe it’s time for another “Magic: The Gathering” set to be released out into the wild? The Magic 2015 core set prerelease has been scheduled for both the Abington and Plainville stores.


All of the information you need to know can be read here, but if you’re too lazy to click on the link then keep reading.


The prerelease packs will once again make their presence known. It is important to know that if you’d like to be guaranteed a specific color of your choice you’ll need to preregister for the event you want to participate in.


Regarding preregistration, there were some issues with the Journey Into Nyx prerelease where some people couldn’t get the color they wanted to when they showed up to the store. Unfortunately, the colors they wanted had all been spoken for through the preregistration process. If you don’t want to be denied a color, please, I urge you to preregister ahead of time so you don’t miss out on the color you want.


Oh yeah, I was talking about the prerelease. The event will be held the weekend of July 12-13. Here is a quick rundown of what’s happening:


Magic 2015 - Hunt Bigger Game resize

Format: Sealed Deck*

Date: July 12th Friday night / Saturday morning

Time: 12:00am (midnight)

Entrance Fee: $25.00 per person

This event will run 4 rounds.


Format: Sealed Deck*

Date: July 12th Saturday afternoon

Time: 12:00pm

Entrance Fee: $25.00 per person

This event will run 4 rounds.


Format: Sealed Deck*

Date: July 12th Saturday night

Time: 6:00pm

Entrance Fee: $25.00 per person

This event will run 4 rounds.


Format: Two-Headed Giant Sealed Deck**

Date: July 13th Sunday afternoon

Time: 12:00pm in PLAINVILLE, 6:00pm in ABINGTON

Entrance Fee: $20.00 per person

This event will run 4 rounds.


Format: Sealed Deck*

Date: July 13th Sunday night

Time: 6:00pm in PLAINVILLE, 12:00pm in ABINGTON

Entrance Fee: $25.00 per person

This event will run 4 rounds.


*Sealed Deck: Each player receives one Core Set 2015 Prerelease Pack corresponding to the color of their choice.


**Two-Headed Giant Sealed Deck:  Each TEAM will receive 2 Core Set 2015 Prerelease Packs with which to build two 40 card decks.


Here is also a breakdown of what you’ll get when you enter the prerelease:


Each Player will receive one Core Set 2015 Prerelease Pack that contains:


5 Core Set 2015 booster packs

1 Seeded booster pack*

1 Premium promo card

1 Activity card

1 Spindown life counter

1 Welcome Letter

For this event, players may use the promo card included with the Prerelease Pack in their tournament deck.


*Contains cards from the Core Set that are or have synergy with the color you chose.


Well that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed this week’s version of “This week in gaming.” If you liked what you read then help us out by spreading the word. Hit the social media buttons down below and tell all your friends about this article and the store!


About the author


Simeon is now the Community Manager for Battleground Games & Hobbies. He is also an avid gamer who loves to play board games and video games. He graduated college with a degree in Political Science, and now serves the public by writing about games. You can check that out here. Don’t forget to “like” him on Facebook as well. It’ll update you on all of his newest content. Best of all, you can follow Simeon on Twitter (@SimeonCortezano) for some real time hilarity. Thanks for reading!


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