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Mantis Games Announces Expansions for ‘Mars Attacks’ Miniature Game

Mantic Games has announced several upcoming expansions for its new Mars Attacks–The Miniatures Game, including a boxed set, Humanity Resists, as well as several troop units, a Martian Attack Saucer, and a Martian Dredd miniature for November release, according to hobby news retailer

Mantic Games licensed the Mars Attacks property from the Topps Company to produce a tabletop war game in mid-2013 and launched the game via Kickstarter in October.  The Kickstarter raised $558,076 from 2,753 backers ($202.72 average/backer).

The Mars Attacks–Humanity Resists box set will include eight new scenarios, new special rules, new characters including Agents Falco and Natalya, and the All American Flatbed Truck.  There are several pieces included in the box expansion that will also be available for individual sale, including the Martian Attack Saucer, the Novas Vira Resistance Soldiers, Stealth Martians, and Martian Marines.

The Stealth Martians and Martian Marines are upgrades soldiers with unique rules.  Stealth goes against Martian rules of battle, so Stealth Martians are both revered and considered cowardly by their brethren.  The Martian Marines are elite scouts for the Martian army, but only available in small numbers.

The Novas Vira Resistance Soldiers   are humanity’s greatest hope–with advanced training and special weapons.  They have been secretly trained by a mysterious benefactor to prepare for the inevitable alien invasion.


The Martian Dredd miniature  is a premium miniature launched from the mash-up of Mars Attacks and Judge Dredd , which IDW Publishing published as the comic cross over Mars Attacks Judge Dredd in 2013.  The Martian will be dressed in Dredd’s armor, and unlike the famous Judge, travels with his helmet off, so it can blend in with the rest of the force.




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