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Grand Prix Richmond ‘Crackgate’ Originator Identified and Interviewed!


The plot simply continues to thicken. Professional Magic the Gathering player Matthew Sperling posted recently on his blog an in-depth interview with the individual responsible for what is now known as the ‘crackgate’ scandal (see post “Wizards of the Coast Responds to ‘Crackgate’ Scandal”). The individual, identified as Sid Blair, took photos of numerous unidentified gamer’s rear-ends at Grand Prix Richmond 2014 and then posted the photos to Reddit, as a joke.


During the interview, Mr. Sperling asks Mr. Blair the motivation behind the photos:


“My goal was to make myself and my friends laugh. We have an odd sense of humor and find this sort of thing funny. I decided to post the pictures I took the day after I got back. I figured a few people would think it was funny, and the rest of the world would think I was really weird. I kept it anonymous and never intended to shame, bully or harass anyone.”


You can read the interview with Mr. Blair in it’s entirety here.


What do you think? Harmless fun or malicious intent? Let us know in the comments below!


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