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‘Magic the Gathering’ Series 2 Funko POP Figures Revealed!

Last week, a popular blog dedicated to Funko POP products called ‘Funkorific’ maintained by a Mr. TJ Norris (about TJ Norris), revealed the next wave of the popular Magic the Gathering Funko POP vinyl figures to be released. In addition, Mr. Norris’ blog post credits an Australian e-commerce website called as the original source.

Included in Series 2 will be the iconic Magic the Gathering characters Sarkhan Vol, Tezzeret, Elspeth, Gideon Jura and Nicol Bolas. No release date was mentioned.

With out any further ado, check out what these amazing figures will potentially look like and rest assured, that Battleground Games & Hobbies will order them just as soon as we’re able to.


Nicol Bolas Funko POP Series 2


Sarkhan Vol Funko POP Series 2


Tezzeret Funko POP Series 2


Elspeth Tirel Funk POP Series 2


Gideon Jura Funk POP Series 2







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