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Falling Asleep While Playing Dungeons & Dragons

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As most of you know, sessions of Dungeons and Dragons can be very involving. I’ve started sessions at 4 PM and ended them the following morning around 7 AM. In some cases, I’ve gone into sessions with very little sleep. Thanks to technology, playing the game has gotten a little more convenient. I mean, you can play from the comfort of your own home. Just log into your computer and save up on gas money.


Thanks to Twitch, not only can you host your own D&D session, but other can come watch and witness the debauchery that can ensue. ¬†However, in some cases, the game can be very taxing and can catch you at your weakest. Take a look at this video where one of the players has a little too much fun and starts snoring during the live stream. We’re all human and these things happen. But it’s so much better when others can see it as well. My favorite part is how the DM tries to wake up his PC.



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