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Battleground Games & Hobbies Announces X-Wing Mini Game Organized Play


Battleground Games & Hobbies in Plainville, MA



Format: Singles (1v1) 100 points
Date: January 23rd, 2014 a Thursday
Time: 7:00pm
Entrance Fee: $5.00


25 Taunton Street
Plainville MA 02762

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Please contact me at with any questions



• Players are STRONGLY encouraged to read through the X-Wing Tourmanet Rules.

• Players are expected to bring a 100 point Rebel or Imperial fleet.

• In the first round, teams will be matched up randomly. After the first round, teams will be matched up according to current rankings in the tournament (based on the number of points they’ve scored outlined here) e.g., the player in first place will play the player in second place and so on. We will try our best not to pair teams that come to the event together or regularly play each other in the first round. If a team receives a BYE they will be awarded max points.

• Players are expected to have ALL required Range Rulers, Maneuver Templates, tokens, cards, etc.

• You will not play the same person twice.

• The pairings for each round will be posted as soon as they are determined. Please be sure to arrive at your table ready to play right away.

• Slow playing will NOT be tolerated.

• Each game will be played on a 3′ x 3′ board.

• Each game will be 60 minutes long.


To learn more about this exciting new offering, please click here.



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