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Wizards of the Coast Announces ‘Kaijudo’s’ Last Set – ‘Vortex’



Wizards of the Coast announced yesterday that the next set for the Kaijudo TCG – Vortex – will be the final set for the long-running card game. In addition, Wizards of the Coast likewise announced that the Kaijudo “October Duel Days” will be the final scheduled organized play event and that the World Championship in Providence, RI this October will likewise continue as scheduled.

Wizards of the Coast had this today regarding their decision to end the Kaijudo brand:


“For more than two years, Wizards of the Coast has worked to create a great action TCG brand with Kaijudo. While Kaijudo’s retailer and player community continued to grow, our product offerings didn’t meet the expectations of the broader fan base to engage further with the brand. As such, Kaijudo’s Vortex card set, releasing on August 29, will be the game’s final paper TCG release.”


You can read the entire press release by clicking here.


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