This Is What You Get When Cthulhu And Racing Mix

Fast & Fhtagn

What do you get when you combine Fast & Furious with Cthulhu? The answer is the board game Fast & Fhtagn. I have no idea who to pronounce the second word, but this game looks like a lot of fun. Who would have ever thought that you could combine these two things? Someone did and now it’s a game. Here’s the low down as to how the game is played,


“In the game, players are street racers, competing against each other in bizarre and twisted Cthulhoid cars.  The race track is unpredictable, changing randomly during the race.  The player that can take the lead at the finish line, combining racing, card modifications, and style, wins the race.”


First of all, how cool would it be to have a Cthulhu themed car in real life? Second, the fact that the track is unpredictable means that you and your friends are in for a lot of fun.


Fast & Fhtagn board

So when you get your copy of the game, here’s what you can expect in the box: 110 cards, 26 street mats, 29 tokens, 2 dice, and 3 reference sheets.  The game can handle 3 – 6 players, and is for ages 13 and up. It takes about 45 – 90 minutes to play and the  MSRP is set at $29.95.


Fast & Fhtagn card

Fast & Fhtagn is set for release in March of 2016.


Source: ICv2