This week in Magic: Key cards in Dragons of Tarkir Sealed

roberek two headed giant

Welcome back to a late edition of “This week in Magic.” This weekend is the Dragons of Tarkir prerelease. Who else is just as excited as I am? Oh, you are? Really, Nick Lowe? Well you’re in luck. This week’s blurb is all about my top picks for the Dragons of Tarkir prerelease. If you want a better chance to 4-0 or 3-0-1 your events, then these are cards you may want to look out for.


Now of course, there are obvious bombs. So we’re going to ignore most of the rares as well as the mythics. Today, we’re going to be mostly focusing on some of the unsung heroes: the commons and uncommons. Check them out in no particular order.


Dromka Dunecaster

There is nothing more annoying than your opponent playing a first turn 1/1 creature. Especially if you can’t follow it up with one of your own. That’s why the Dunecaster is one of the cards I think you should look out for. It may not kill the 1/1 creature, but it sure can block it al day as a 0/2. The real kicker is the extra ability to tap own another creature.



You opponent just cast a big fatty? Well, as long as it doesn’t fly, the Dunecaster has your back covered. As long as you have the mana, and the Dunecaster is untapped, than that big, bad fatty isn’t hitting you any time soon. Just keep in mind that the Dunecaster is still only a 0/2 which means it can still be killed quite easily.


Void Squall

I am a big fan of this spell. Yeah it costs five mana, which can be a little high, but I think it has a lot of potential. I think we’re going to see a limited environment full of big creatures (and by that I mean mostly dragons). Bouncing them back into your opponent’s hand can almost be considered like a time walk for yourself.


void squall

The key to this spell is the rebound ability. It makes paying five mana almost worth it. You opponent may think twice about re-casting that big guy of their if they know its only going to get bounced again. Keep in mind the spell can target other permanents. So any pesky enchantments or planeswalkers can go bye bye as well.


Death Wind

If I had to pick a card to be the top choice, this would probably be the pick. Death Wind may just be the best removal spell in the prerelease. It get’s around indestructibility, it has a very low casting cost, and it’s an instant. It’s an uncommon, so you’ll be lucky to be running more than one in your deck.


death wind

Another great thing about this card is that it’s totally splashable. Is that even a word? Splashable? Anyways, for only XB I would make it worth your while to splash just for it. Should you splash for only one copy? I don’t think so. Splash for two or more. It should be worth it.


Foul-Tongue Shriek

This card is bonkers. I think it’ll even get played in standard. I even have a deck list brewing in my head as I type this. In limited, it’s going to be that card when you reveal your opponent will go, “ugh.” Be warned, I will flip the table if you play this card against me this weekend. I promise. (Okay, maybe I won’t, but in my mind, I will be flipping the table).


foul tongue shriek

One of the best parts of this card is that your creatures don’t have to make contact to kill your opponent. Simply turn them sideways and then cast this spells, or vice versa. However, it’s probably best if you cast it after – for the pure shock factor.


Lose Calm

I once drafted a deck with three copies of Act of Treason. It was one of the main reasons I split for the top prize that night. Lose Calm may cost an additional mana, but the added effect is well worth it. The best scenario is for you to take your opponent’s creature when they’ll be left with less than the appropriate amount of blockers.


lose calm


Well, that’s going to be it for now. This weekend is going to be a blast. In case you didn’t’ catch it the first time. here is the full schedule for your convenience:


Format: Sealed Deck*
Date: March 21st Friday night / Saturday morning
Time: 12:00am (midnight) – BOTH LOCATIONS
Entrance Fee: $30.00 per person
This event will run 4 rounds.


Format: Sealed Deck*
Date: March 21st Saturday afternoon
Time: 12:00pm – PLAINVILLE
Time: 2:00pm – ABINGTON
Entrance Fee: $30.00 per person
This event will run 4 rounds.


Format: Sealed Deck*
Date: March 21st Saturday night
Time: 6:00pm – PLAINVILLE
Time: 7:00pm – ABINGTON
Entrance Fee: $30.00 per person
This event will run 4 rounds.


Format: Two-Headed Giant Sealed Deck**
Date: March 22nd Sunday afternoon
Time: 12:00pm in PLAINVILLE
Time: 7:00pm in ABINGTON
Entrance Fee: $25.00 per person
This event will run 4 rounds.


Format: Sealed Deck*
Date: March 22nd Sunday night
Time: 6:00pm in PLAINVILLE
Time: 2:00pm in ABINGTON
Entrance Fee: $30.00 per person
This event will run 4 rounds.


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