Two Expansions Announced for Popular Game ‘Star Realms’

White Wizard Games has announced two expansions for its popular Star Realms Deck Building GameStar Realms: Crisis will arrive in November, with Star Realms: Gambit planned for winter 2015. This news is first reported by


Crisis is a 48-card expansion which consists of four 12-card non-random packs, each sold separately.  The four packs concentrate on different aspects of the game–Events adds gaming-changing event cards, Heroesintroduces new character cards, Bases & Battleships and Fleets & Fortresses both add powerful new ships and bases.  Each display will include six of each expansion pack.


The Star Realms: Gambit set is currently only available as a second place prize in the organized play tournament kit, but will be made available for direct sale sometime this winter.  The 20-card set includes 13 Gambit “special ability” cards, 4 Challenge cards for solo and co-op play, and 3 Merc Cruiser cards.



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White Wizard has a third printing of the popular game due to arrive in mid-October, and a second printing of playmats available now.  Licensed deck boxes and card sleeves are also planned for winter release from Legion Supplies.