Two Expansions Planned for ‘The Resistance’ Card Game

Indie Boards and Cards has announced two planned expansions for its deduction card game The Resistance this November, according to Hidden Agenda and Hostile Intent were funded through a combined Kickstarter program that attracted pledges over $100,000, featuring promos and incentives that will not be included in the final retail version. In addition, both expansions include a number of “modules” that can be added to the base game in any combination.


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Hidden Agenda includes three modules.  In “Assassin,” the roles from The Resistance:  Avalon have been re-themed and renamed for the Resistance Universe.  The “Defector” module introduces characters that can switch sides during the game.  And “Trapper” adds a spy-catcher mechanic to the game.

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Hostile Intent also features three new modules.  “Hunter” shifts the focus from targeting the enemy’s facilities to neutralizing their leaders.  The “Reverser” can change the results of a mission, turning defeat into victory (or vice versa).  “Inquisitor,” meanwhile, introduces an ability from The Resistance:  Avalon that allows the Inquisitor player to examine the affiliations of other players.



The Resistance was Indie Boards and Cards’ breakout hit in 2010.  It was featured on Geek & Sundry’s TableTop web program, and is currently available in 20 languages.  It is a deductive card game with similarities to the classic party game Mafia and plays in about 30 minutes.