Weird Spoilers Hit The Internet. Are They Real?

new eldrazi mana

Some strange news has been hitting the internet today regarding the next set for Magic: The Gathering. Take a look at these two cards that are supposedly in the next set. There are some features that should start ringing alarms. The first thing is a new “color.”┬áThe land “Wastes” produces some kind of special Eldrazi mana. Further more, it seems you going to need this kind of mana to cast the new version of Kozilek.


new kozilek

Before you start screaming at the top of your lungs, you also need to remember that, as of right now, these cards are:


totally unconfirmed




So until then, enjoy the speculation that is going around, have some fun planning out your next deck, but do not set your plans in stone.


Source: MTG Focus Podcast Twitter