Winner’s Circle: Nov 22 Friday Night Magic Champions


Congratulations to this week’s Friday Night Magic winners at both Battleground Games & Hobbies locations in Abington, MA and Plainville, MA. This week, FNM featured the Standard format with top finishers not only receiving store credit prizes, but likewise an exclusive promo foil, Grisly Salvage. Check out who won:


Battleground Games & Hobbies – Abington, MA

Standard FNM. Start time: 7:30 PM.


1st Place: Carl Godon (Esper Control)

2nd Place: Phil Chieng (Mono-Blue Devotion)

3rd Place: Ray McKenzie (Mono-Red Aggro)

4th Place: Chris Canavan (Mono-Blue Devotion)

Battleground Games & Hobbies – Abington, MA

Theros Booster Draft Pod One. Start time: 7:30 PM.


1st Place: Ben Schwartz 

Battleground Games & Hobbies – Plainville, MA

Standard FNM. Start time: 7:30 PM.


1st Place: Joe Stasio (Blue-White Devotion)

2nd Place: David Kosciusko  (Mono-Blue Devotion)

3rd Place: Brandon Husnander (Mono-red Aggro)

4th Place: Dom Murgo (Red-Black Aggro)


Again, congratulations to the top finishers of each event. In addition, from the staff here at Battleground Games & Hobbies, we’d like to thank everyone that attended both Friday Night Magic events. We greatly appreciate you choosing to hang out with us.


If you’re looking for a friendly atmosphere to enjoy playing Magic the Gathering while meeting new, like-minded people and win cool prizes and exclusive promo cards, then Friday Night Magic at Battleground Games & Hobbies is exactly what you’re looking for! Try Friday Night Magic today at either of our conveniently located brick-and-mortar stores and see why Magic players consider Friday night the best night of the week. To learn more about our Friday Night Magic events, please click here.


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