Winner’s Circle Special – Game Day Weekend Winners (Abington)

This past weekend Battleground Games & Hobbies hosted the ever-popular Magic Game Day to celebrate the release of Born of the Gods. These special events occur three to four weeks after the release of every Magic the Gathering set. So, look forward to the Journey into Nyx Game Day and you could win an exclusive Game Day play mat and one-of-a-kind promo cards! For Born of the Gods Game Day, players received a promo Kiora’s Follower for signing up, with the top eight players each receiving a foil promo Pain Seer!


Now, let’s see who won!


Saturday 5:00 PM Game Day – Abington, MA


Congratulations to Jack Spendlove, playing Mono-Black Devotion. Jack split in the finals with Battleground Games & Hobbies Online Manager Chris Alexander, whom likewise did battle with Mono-Black Devotion.

Sunday 2:00 PM Game Day – Abington, MA


 And then, Chris Alexander decided he wanted the Born of the Gods Game Day play mat, after all, defeating Alex Suarez in the finals of Battleground Games & Hobbies Sunday Game Day event. Chris’ “devotion” to his Mono-Black deck proved to much for Alex and his Jund Monsters deck to overcome in three great games of Magic.

Congratulations to the top finishers of each event. In addition, on behalf of the staff here at Battleground Games & Hobbies, we would like to thank everyone that attended our Born of the Gods Game Day events. We greatly appreciate you choosing to hang out with us.


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