Wizards of the Coast Announces ‘Modern Masters 2’!

This past weekend, during the coverage of the Magic World Championship and World Cup coverage, Wizards of the Coast finally revealed the purpose behind the three “Grand Prix: TBD” events are all about:



Draft Like A Master


Modern Masters (2015 Edition) takes players back to some of the most remarkable planes from recent history, including Zendikar, Mirrodin, Ravnica, Lorwyn, Kamigawa, and Alara. Featuring new artwork on a number of cards, every card in Modern Masters can be added to your favorite Modern-format decks. But first, enjoy a fresh Limited experience that combines some of Magic‘s most iconic cards in new ways.


Every box of Modern Masters (2015 Edition) contains 24 booster packs—each with 15 randomly inserted game cards, including one premium card in every pack—making it perfect for exciting draft play.


Set Name:
Modern Masters (2015 Edition)
Number of Cards:
Release Date:
May 22, 2015
Twitter Hashtag:
Initial Concept and Game Design:
Erik Lauer (lead), Ben Hayes, and Ken Nagle
Final Game Design and Development:
Tom LaPille (lead), Ben Hayes, Max McCall, and Adam Prosak
English, Japanese, Chinese Simplified

Modern Masters (2015 Edition) will be releasing on Magic Online May 29. The digital MSRP will be $6.99. It will not be available for redemption.


Additionally, to celebrate the second Modern Masters set, we’re running a triple Grand Prix weekend, May 30–31, 2015, in the following cities:

  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Chiba, Japan
  • Utrecht, Netherlands


All three Grand Prix will run Modern Masters Limited, with Sealed on Days One and Two and a Top 8 Draft.