Wizards of the Coast Announces Sweeping Changes to ‘Magic’ Organized Play




Wizards of the Coast announced yesterday sweeping changes to the Magic the Gathering organized play program as a result of unprecedented growth in both it’s Grand Prix program and Pro Tour Qualifier programs. Based upon feedback from the community at large, including judges, players, and local-game-store’s alike, the following changes were announced:


A New Path to the Pro Tour

The take away:

  • New path to the Pro Tour will now feature a two-tier event series to qualify – a Preliminary PTQ feeding a Regional PTQ;
  • Winners of Preliminary PTQ’s are invited to participate in the Regional PTQ;
  • Preliminary PTQ’s will be run by local game stores;
  • Qualified players may play in any Regional PTQ they wish;
  • The top four finishers of the Regional PTQ qualify for the Pro Tour, including airfare;
  • If a Regional PTQ has 128 participants or more, the top eight players qualify for the Pro Tour instead.


Improving Grand Prix Events

The take away:

  • Amount of Grand Prix events increased from 46 to 54;
  • The top eight (top four for a team event) will receive invitations to the Pro Tour regardless of event attendance;
  • Everyone with 39 match points – or a record of 13-2 – will qualify for the Pro Tour;
  • Total prize pay out increased to $70,000 if attendance is 3600 or more.


Changes to the Pro Player’s Club

The take away:

  • Pro Points at Pro Tour’s will now be awarded based upon final match point score instead of final swiss standing beyond the top eight;
  • Pro Points at Grand Prix events will likewise now be awarded based upon final match point score beyond the top eight;
  • Players at the Pro Tour finishing with 33 match points or more will receive an invitation and airfare to the next Pro Tour;
  • Minor changes to the threshold needed to reach Platinum Pro-level status;
  • Gold Pro-level no longer awards a $500.00 appearance fee. Instead, Gold Pro-level now awards airfare to all Pro Tours for the season.



What do you think of these sweeping changes? Is this better for the Magic the Gathering organized play program or worse? Tell us what you think of the new changes effective beginning in August in the comments below!