WizKids Releases Details for ‘D&D Fantasy’ Miniatures


Earlier this week, WizKids has released details for the products in its collectible Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Miniatures line, created for use with the new D&D RPG.  The first products will be the Starter Set Heroes in July, and Set Oneboosters in August.  The line was announced in February and WizKids CEO Justin Ziran explained more details at Toy Fair.  Boosters will employ blind packaging. 

The Starter Set Heroes will include six miniatures of iconic heroes, for use with the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons tabletop role-playing game Starter Set

In August, the Set One Standard Booster will arrive.  The set will contain more than 50 miniatures of humans, elves, dwarves, halfings, orcs, goblins, and other characters from the Forgotten Realms universe of Dungeons & Dragons.  The blind-boxed boosters will contain four figures each, with an MSRP of $15.99.  Each Booster Brick contains eight boosters (32 figures), and cases contain four bricks (32 boosters/128 figures).

There is also a purchase-with-purchase Case Incentive Promotional Figure, which will be available on a one-to-one basis with cases of the Set One Standard Booster, while supplies last. While there was no name or picture available, the figure is described as an adversary for adventurers, standing several inches tall, and towering over the other miniatures in the set.  The figure will release August 13th. First reported by hobby industry news source ICv2.com.


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