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EXCLUSIVE Online-only Cyber Monday Deals!

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Black Friday has come and gone… just in time for Cyber Monday; and we’ve got some super-sweet deals for you all day long available only on the Battleground Games & Hobbies online store!


Some of these deals include:

  • Store credit back when you purchase a Funko POP Magic the Gathering toy;
  • Discounts on Dungeons & Dragons RPG books;
  • HUGE discounts on all Warmachine/Hordes;
  • Discounts on Magic the Gathering single cards;

…and so much more!


Stay tuned to the Battleground Games & Hobbies Facebook & Twitter pages as deals will be announced via those sources ONLY!


Please note that these specials are available online only. Not available at Battleground Games & Hobbies retail locations.


We look forward to doing business with you. Enjoy!






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TODAY – EXCLUSIVE Black Friday Specials!

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Please note that the sale items above are only available at Battleground Games & Hobbies retail store locations. All promotions are “while supplies last.”






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Now Available – D&D Attack Wing! & Marvel Dice Masters

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Dungeons & Dragons: Attack Wing


D&D Attack Wing is a Dungeons & Dragons tactical flight and ground combat miniatures game, featuring pre-painted dragons, siege weaponry, and troops from the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms®   universe.

Utilizing the FlightPath™ maneuver system, command your army in epic aerial and ground combat & customize your army with spells, equipment, weapons, special abilities and more!


Battleground’s first impressions are that this is one that shouldn’t be missed!
Here’s a link to the rules, check em out!

Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny X-Men


The smash hit game is back with it’s second installment!!  Don’t miss out!

Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny X-Men is a collectible dice-building tabletop game designed by Quarriors! creators Michael Elliott and Eric M. Lang.


Featuring Wolverine, Magneto, Cyclops, Iceman, Psylocke, the Sentinels and more – each player fields a superhero team, with each hero being represented by custom-tooled dice! Each hero also has one or more character reference cards, which show the special abilities for the characters based on the die rolls. Different versions of these cards will be available in booster packs, allowing for more customization of your team. Players use these dice to collect energy, recruit new heroes, and battle head-to-head.




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This week in gaming: A special thank you



Our massive game of “Werewolf” hosted by Derek


I’ve gone through a lot, personally, this year. I lost my uncle to a heart attack, my aunt lost her battle with cancer, I’ve been “in between moves” for most of the summer, and looking for a job is a never-ending story with me. However, the one thing that has been the biggest help to keeping my sanity have been all you – my friends, my family, and the entire gaming community at Battleground Games & Hobbies.


The night before the 24-hour marathon, I got very little sleep. If I remember correctly, I went to bed around 4 AM. That’s been the norm for me for quite some time, but I still wish I had gone to bed a little bit earlier.   The day started like every other day. I got out of bed, checked my e-mail, and then made my postings for the store on all of the social medias. That’s when it hit me. The culmination of almost eight months of work was almost here.


I admit I was a little nervous, but more anxious than anything. Who was going to be there? Was anyone going to show up? Would I hit goal? As you could tell, there was a lot on my mind. In the end, though, it was an amazing day with amazing people. Even if you were there just to poke your head in, I appreciated it.


There are a few people I’d like to single-out though. They are in no particular order.


Wyrmwood Gaming

When I got to the store the first thing I wanted to do was check on the package that Wyrmwood Gaming had sent me to help support the fundraiser that weekend. There is no doubt they had a big part in us hitting our goal.


I remember when I first met Ed and Doug at PAX East 2014. I had been introduced to them by my friend Eric who wanted to know if I’d be interested in covering their product. When I first laid eyes on what they had to offer, I knew I was looking at something special.


In early September, I ran into Ed and Doug again at the Boston Festival of Indie Games. They were posted in the table top gaming area. It made sense, especially considering the product they offered. That’s when I first pitched to Ed the idea of being a part of the Extra Life marathon. I thought their product would be a great way to entice people to donate to the cause. It would also help get their name out to their primary audience.


Ed was extremely gracious and had told me that they had recently donated to another cause and would be happy to help me out. I was blown away at what they had to offer. One of the items they were showing off at the festival was their new Dice Tower. In fact, it was making it’s first public appearance. I was a little scared at first, but I eventually gathered the guts to ask if they’d be willing to have a Dice Tower ready for the fundraiser. This was a bold move in my part because they had just that prototype from what I understood. Luckily Ed said yes and more.


I’m happy to say that the Dice Tower package went to a very deserving couple at the end of the night.

Pegg-wheat dice tower

Alley, Amanda, and Ken

Wyrmwood wasn’t the only ones to personally help out that night. Those of you who were there may have seen a couple of the other items we had up for grabs that night. One of them was an awesome painting done by Alley Livingston. She had messaged me, one day, on Facebook and told me she was going to do some art that I could raffle off at the marathon. Up to that point, I only had the Wyrmwood gaming items and, possibly, box of Magic cards that I was going to donate myself to the raffle. So, for someone to come out of nowhere and say they want to donate something that takes time, creativity, and more to make means a lot to me.


Alley painting

Amanda was another person who took the time to make something for the raffle. That crazy-looking purple thing you may have seen is called a Hanar. It’s actually an alien character from the game Mass Effect. If you don’t know what that is, then I recommend you look it up after reading this week’s article.


Over time, Ken has amassed an incredible amount of packs for winning numerous drafts and other events at the store. In fact, he may even have a vault similar to the one Scrooge McDuck has. However, instead of gold coins, it’s full of booster packs from Magic. Unlike Scrooge McDuck, though, Ken was gracious enough to donate a box worth of boosters to the event that night. These are packs that he earned from playing and with money he spent. He may not want others to know, but I want people to know, he had already made a generous donation prior to donating the box. So give it up for “Good Guy Ken.”


Derek and Chase

Of course, there would be no event without Derek and Chase. When Derek gave the approval to host the 24-hour gaming marathon at the store, that’s when I said to myself, “ Alright. We’re really doing this.” To be given a space to hold the event with such ease, I have to consider myself extremely lucky and am happy to have friends in such high places.


The months leading up to the event, my mind had been set only on the Abington location. I think it was only a couple of months prior to the event that Chase said he wanted to host an event at the Plainville location. I have to say I was caught off-guard. I thought it was great enough that an event was going to happen at one location, but who can say that they had the ability to host the event at multiple locations? Not a lot.


As I look back on things, I can’t think of any problems that were had. We may have blown a fuse or two due to the number of Xboxes we had, but that’s a first-world problem some wish they had. If I needed anything, I could have it.


Do me favor, and I’m sure you do this enough yourself, the next time you see Derek or Chase, shake their hand and say thanks. What they do is tough, and there are a lot of things that happen behind the scenes that can make their jobs difficult, but, in the end, they manage to put on a different face when they’re around you.


The overnight crew and everyone else

Before I say anything else, I want to thank everyone who showed up, donated, and even helped spread the word. There are a lot of you. You all know who you are. The last spotlight I want to shine is on the overnight crew. Who is the overnight crew? This is the late night crew. Some of them I have already thanked, but this is for those who I haven’t. Check out the picture below.


Overnight Crew

Note: there may be some who aren’t in the photo and that might be due to the fact that they were passed out upstairs in the loft, or were in the back room playing Dungeons and Dragons.


These people were there either all 24-hours or for most of it. These people are like my brothers/sisters-in-arms. It’s one thing to try to take on a beast that is 24-hour of gaming by yourself, but to be in the company of others makes it a little less painful.


Some other quick thank you’s go to Josh for driving me to the event and then leaving me there, Scott for lunch, Dan for bringing extra donuts after Josh brought some, everyone who participated at the Plainville store, Chad for setting up the Xbox corner, and to Pete who shared his personal connection to the event (that was the best feeling ever).


I’m really hoping I didn’t leave anyone out, but I’m sure I did – everyone does when they’re thanking people. If I did, I’m sorry. Don’t hate me. Thank you!


One last thing…

In case you missed it, I announced a couple of nights ago how much was made. Both stores, combined, raised almost $2000 for a grand total of $2538! For our first year, I think we did a pretty good job.


That’s it for now. If you’d like, the 2014 Extra Life donation page will be active for the rest of the year. Who knows, maybe we’ll break $3000. A couple of quick thoughts: we’re doing this again next year, I’m going to organize a team, we’re going to change the times of the event to what everyone else does: Noon – Noon.


As always, if there is something you need to say, ask, anything, sound off below in the comment section, and until next time.



About the author

Simeon is now the Community Manager for Battleground Games & Hobbies. If you have any questions or inquiries, then you can reach him at He is also an avid gamer who loves to play board games and video games. He graduated college with a degree in Political Science, and now serves the public by writing about games. You can check that out here. Don’t forget to “like” him on Facebook as well. It’ll update you on all of his newest content. Best of all, you can follow Simeon on Twitter (@SimeonCortezano) for some real time hilarity. Thanks for reading!


Donate to the Extra-Life fundraiser!



Join the Battleground Games & Hobbies community forums!

Please don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @battleground_gh!




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Mantis Games Announces Expansions for ‘Mars Attacks’ Miniature Game

Mantic Games has announced several upcoming expansions for its new Mars Attacks–The Miniatures Game, including a boxed set, Humanity Resists, as well as several troop units, a Martian Attack Saucer, and a Martian Dredd miniature for November release, according to hobby news retailer

Mantic Games licensed the Mars Attacks property from the Topps Company to produce a tabletop war game in mid-2013 and launched the game via Kickstarter in October.  The Kickstarter raised $558,076 from 2,753 backers ($202.72 average/backer).

The Mars Attacks–Humanity Resists box set will include eight new scenarios, new special rules, new characters including Agents Falco and Natalya, and the All American Flatbed Truck.  There are several pieces included in the box expansion that will also be available for individual sale, including the Martian Attack Saucer, the Novas Vira Resistance Soldiers, Stealth Martians, and Martian Marines.

The Stealth Martians and Martian Marines are upgrades soldiers with unique rules.  Stealth goes against Martian rules of battle, so Stealth Martians are both revered and considered cowardly by their brethren.  The Martian Marines are elite scouts for the Martian army, but only available in small numbers.

The Novas Vira Resistance Soldiers   are humanity’s greatest hope–with advanced training and special weapons.  They have been secretly trained by a mysterious benefactor to prepare for the inevitable alien invasion.


The Martian Dredd miniature  is a premium miniature launched from the mash-up of Mars Attacks and Judge Dredd , which IDW Publishing published as the comic cross over Mars Attacks Judge Dredd in 2013.  The Martian will be dressed in Dredd’s armor, and unlike the famous Judge, travels with his helmet off, so it can blend in with the rest of the force.




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CoolMiniOrNot Announces Expansion to ‘Rivet Wars’ Miniatures Game

CoolMiniOrNot has announced three expansion packs for its fast-paced tactical military miniatures game Rivet Wars, releasing on October 3rd–Spearhead, War Room and Terrain Pack, according to hobby news website


Rivet Wars: Spearhead introduces new units to the game, which allow players to fight with fixed turrets, canine units and new infantry types.  New heroes come with new abilities to defeat the enemy defenses.



Battleground Games & Hobbies – Abington, MA

The box contains the 33 total models (16 Allied, 17 Blight). Allied forces include:  Lt. Edwina Brasseldun, Lt. Macleod, Lt. Macleod (plug), 4 Mountaineer (two of each sculpt), 3 K9 Engineering Corps, 3 Guard Dogs, 2 Slammer Turret, and 2 M-20 Base; and the Blight forces include: Lt. Dora Rollen, Baron Munchen, Baron Munchen (plug), 4  Trench Raider (two of each sculpt), 3 Angriff Hundefuhrer,  3 Kampfhund,  2 Flamme Turret, and 2 Mark IV Mount.  The box also contains 12 Shield markers and 16 Stat cards.  As an expansion, the base game is required to play.


Rivet Wars: War Room comes with three new heroes for both the Allied and Blight forces, with new abilities and their own martial prowess to add new levels of strategy to the game.


The box contains Uncle Rivet,Terror Nova, and General Patston (in Power Suit) for the Allies; and Iron Chancellor, Cruel Minie, and General Romler (in Jeep) for the Blight. It also contains the Neutral character of Dr. Vorne.  As an expansion, the base game is required to play.


The Rivet Wars: Terrain Pack includes six types of features and objectives to enhance the battlefield itself.  The box contains 6 Bunkers, 6 Objectives, 6 Mine Fields, 6 Barbed Wire, 6 Tank Traps, 6 Allied Flag Markers, and 6 Blight Flag Markers.  As an expansion pack, the base game is required to play.






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