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Join us at Battleground Games & Hobbies for International Tabletop Day!

Editor’s Note: “This Week in Magic” by Simeon Cortezano is taking the week off to enjoy this weekend’s Anime Boston convention. So instead, we have a super-cool announcement for you!




Tabletop Day



Battleground Games & Hobbies is proud to announce that we will be once again happy to host Geek & Sundry’s International Tabletop Day Saturday, April 11th. Join us at either our Abington, MA location or Plainville, MA location beginning at 11:00 AM until we can’t see straight for a fun, family-friendly day (and night!) of non-stop tabletop gaming excitement!


More details, including featured games, demo’s, and more coming soon! Please click here or the image for more details.


We look forward to seeing you there!




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Two Expansions Planned for ‘The Resistance’ Card Game

Indie Boards and Cards has announced two planned expansions for its deduction card game The Resistance this November, according to Hidden Agenda and Hostile Intent were funded through a combined Kickstarter program that attracted pledges over $100,000, featuring promos and incentives that will not be included in the final retail version. In addition, both expansions include a number of “modules” that can be added to the base game in any combination.


Photo courtesy of


Hidden Agenda includes three modules.  In “Assassin,” the roles from The Resistance:  Avalon have been re-themed and renamed for the Resistance Universe.  The “Defector” module introduces characters that can switch sides during the game.  And “Trapper” adds a spy-catcher mechanic to the game.

Photo courtesy of


Hostile Intent also features three new modules.  “Hunter” shifts the focus from targeting the enemy’s facilities to neutralizing their leaders.  The “Reverser” can change the results of a mission, turning defeat into victory (or vice versa).  “Inquisitor,” meanwhile, introduces an ability from The Resistance:  Avalon that allows the Inquisitor player to examine the affiliations of other players.



The Resistance was Indie Boards and Cards’ breakout hit in 2010.  It was featured on Geek & Sundry’s TableTop web program, and is currently available in 20 languages.  It is a deductive card game with similarities to the classic party game Mafia and plays in about 30 minutes. 






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Popular Geek & Sundry Sensation ‘TableTop’ to Produce RPG Show




Popular hobby retailer news website reported yesterday that YouTube sensation TableTop will launch an RPG spin-off series, after raising $1,414,154 on crowdfunding website  The successful fund raise will also fund a 20-episode Season 3 of the series, which airs on the Geek & Sundry YouTube channel.

Funding for the 36 day campaign ended on Saturday, with 22,210 backers pledging ($63.67 average per backer).  In addition to the promised 20-episode TableTop season, the campaign also blew past the promised bonus goal of a spin-off RPG series at the $1 million mark.  Backers continued to pledge to receive perk items from companies including Cards Against Humanity, Days of Wonder and Loot Crate.  Game designers Mike Selinker and James Ernest also will be designing a downloadable TableTop: The TableTop Game for backers.

A post-campaign update touted two records that it broke:  most funded digital series on any crowdfunding site, and most funded campaign in a day (for Indiegogo), with $261,000 pledged on the first campaign day  (which also happened to be International TableTop Day).

The campaign, had it been on Kickstarter (and actually been a physical release), would have earned TableTop the #9 spot on our recently updated Top 10 Tabletop Game Kickstarters chart.

In a post-campaign video, host Wil Wheaton thanked all backers and promised that Season Three would debut later this year, with the RPG spinoff arriving early next year.  The RPG show was described in the video as “in the TableTop style” with Wil and friends playing a season-long RPG campaign.  The series “will follow a group of players and their characters through multiple levels, challenges, and possible character deaths as an entire campaign is played out over the course of a year.”





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Coming Soon: ‘Gloom’ 2nd Edition


Atlas Games has shared information on its planned late summer release of a new edition of the popular card game Gloom.


Gloom 2nd Edition will feature new packaging and art as well as streamlined rules and icons, with the hope that the improvements will make the game even easier to learn and play.  The new edition is completely compatible with the first edition’s core game and all first edition expansions.  The expansions, which include Unhappy HomesUnwelcome Guests, and Unfortunate Expeditions, are also in the process of second edition reprints.  All new reprints will bear a “2nd Edition” marking,


Gloom was a major recipient of the “TableTop Bump,” as sales increased to the point of sellout and reprints after it was featured on Season 1 of the show.





Like this game? Battleground Games & Hobbies carries a full line of Gloom!



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Geek & Sundry Announces Crowdfunding For S3 of Tabletop


The second International Tabletop Day, a special event that Battleground Games & Hobbies is happy and thankful to be a part of, has come and gone. At the conclusion, Geek & Sundry announced a crowdfunding campaign on to fund the third season of their hit series TableTop. The campaign, which began on Saturday – International Tabletop Day – has a base target of $500,000 to fund a total of 15 episodes; $750,000 for 20 episodes; and if funding hits $1 million, the promise of a new show featuring Wil Wheaton playing a season-long role-playing game (RPG).


Google funded the first two seasons of TableTop, part of Felicia Day’s Geek and Sundry channel, as part of a major program to expand original programming on the site.




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Geek & Sundry’s TableTop: Lords of Vegas



Check out the latest episode of Geek & Sundry’s smash hit show Tabletop, as host Wil Wheaton and guests Miracle Laurie, Angela Webber, and Aubrey Webber as they play Lords of Vegas!



Issues with the video? Instead, click here to watch the video on YouTube.

Like this game? Pick it up now at your local Battleground Games & Hobbies!


About Geek & Sundry:

Geek & Sundry is an internet community centered around producing entertaining web videos, primarily on YouTube, that focus on comics, games, books, hobbies & more. Their goal is to connect their audience together through common interests both online and in real life.


About Lords of Vegas:

From You and your opponents represent powerful developers in a burgeoning Nevada city. You will earn money and prestige by building the biggest and most profitable casinos on “The Strip,” the town’s backbone of dust and sin. You start with nothing but parking lots and dreams, but from there you build, sprawl, reorganize and gamble your way to victory. Score the most points investing in the most profitable development companies and putting the best bosses in control of the richest casinos. Put your dollars on the line . . . it’s time to roll!


The game board is broken into 8 different areas, each consisting of a number of empty ‘lots’. Players build lots by paying money and placing a die of the value matching the one shown on the lot’s space onto the lot, along with a casino tile of one of 7 colors. Adjoining lots of the same color are considered a single casino. The casino’s boss is the player whose die value is higher than any other in the casino. On each players turn, players turn over a new card representing a new lot they get. The card also is one of the casino colors. Any built casinos of the matching color will score both money and VP. Money is earned for each lot in the casino, where each lot may be owned by a different player. VP goes only to the casino’s owner. Players can expand their casinos; try to take over casinos owned by other players; make deals to trade lots, casinos and money; or gamble in opponents’ casinos to make more money. Ultimately, though, only victory points matter, and that means making yourself boss of the biggest casinos.


Lords of Vegas contains:

  • Snazzy game board
  • 4 turn summaries
  • 55 cards
  • 40 chips in 4 colors
  • 48 dice in 4 colors
  • 4 poker chips
  • Lots of money
  • 45 casino blocks
  • Rules




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