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Z-Man Games Announces ‘Lords of Scotland’ Board Game

Z-Man Games has announced plans to release a new edition of Richard James’ card game Lords of Scotland in Spring 2015.

Lords of Scotland  is set in the historic era surrounding the wars for Scottish independence.  The hand management and strategy game casts players in the roles of Scottish lords, out to lay claim to the vacant throne.  Players recruit soldiers, build their army, and recruit clans to face rivals, proving their worth on the battlefield.  Players vie to reach forty or more points worth of supporters in order to claim the throne.

Z-Man has not released specific details about the new edition, other than announcing a redesigned look.  The previous edition included 99 cards, was for 2- 5 players, ages 12 and up, and played in 25 minutes.


Overall, a great game to pick up and play. Just ask our friendly staff at Battleground Games & Hobbies to order this game for you!


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Coming Soon: ‘Gloom’ 2nd Edition


Atlas Games has shared information on its planned late summer release of a new edition of the popular card game Gloom.


Gloom 2nd Edition will feature new packaging and art as well as streamlined rules and icons, with the hope that the improvements will make the game even easier to learn and play.  The new edition is completely compatible with the first edition’s core game and all first edition expansions.  The expansions, which include Unhappy HomesUnwelcome Guests, and Unfortunate Expeditions, are also in the process of second edition reprints.  All new reprints will bear a “2nd Edition” marking,


Gloom was a major recipient of the “TableTop Bump,” as sales increased to the point of sellout and reprints after it was featured on Season 1 of the show.





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