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AEG to Release ‘Game of Crowns’ Board Game

Alderac Entertainment Group will release Game of Crowns in June, according to hobby news website


The game is designed by Remo Conzadori, with art by Pascal Quidault.  Players control one of the nine noble houses of the Ruelen Empire, and with the ruler’s death, they are each attempting to gain enough control and influence to claim the crown.  Players can exchange cards and favors through diplomacy, or attack opponents through warfare to gain what they need.

The box contains 90 House cards, 18 Vote cards, 11 Guest cards, 37 Raven tokens, 9 Reference cards, and a round track.  The game is for 4-9 players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 45 minutes.  MSRP is $29.99, which is a great price point.


Does this sound familiar? If it does, perhaps that’s because it seems awfully similar in concept to Game of Thrones. Even a similar name.


What do you think of Game of Crowns? Let us know in the comments below or sound of on Facebook or Twitter! If you’d like to see this game on our shelves, contact us here!




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