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Kickstarter Spotlight: ‘Blackout: Journey Into Darkness’

Blackout game box

If you want to get something done, you have to go out and do it yourself. And thanks to crowdfunding, almost anything is possible. Check out this wonderful game that we’re featuring today. It’s called Blackout: Journey Into Darkness. Imagine taking the elements of Betrayal At House On The Hill and combining it with Zombicide and an epic RPG campaign. That, in a gist, is what Blackout: Journey Into Darkness is all about.


Here is a more detailed desciption of the game:


“Blackout has players take control of one or more characters (Tracker, Engineer, Recon, Slayer) as they venture into the Northern Wastes in search of riches and glory.  The game has a mission-based system which rewards exploration and combat, allowing players to level up as they progress. The base game includes enough adventures for 15-20 hours of play”


The game currently has 16 days to go in it’s Kickstarter campaign, but has blown away its goal of $39K by raising a little over $95K from over 1,000 backers. Needless to say, this game is going to be popular, and rightfully so. Blackout was designed by Richard T. Broadwater, a former action figure designer and Bethesda vet who worked on games such as Oblivion and Fallout 3. Talk about the perfect combination.


Interestingly enough, the game had been on Kickstarter two previous times. Each time, the campaign was cancelled. The first time was due to distribution issues for the European market, and the second time was due to an overwhelming response which prompted Broadwater to want to include more content into the game. Now on it’s third run, the game looks like it will finally finish a campaign with delivery expected sometime in December of 2016. However, the wait should be totally worth it. Just take a look at the game.


Blackout game spread

According to the report, the box will contain:


“…32 high quality plastic miniatures, a 48-page rule book, a 20-page campaign book, double-sided room and hall sections (representing alleyways/abandoned buildings and underground tunnel/maintenance chambers), debris markers, objectives, status counters, player cards, enemy cards, item cards, event cards, and six ten-sided dice.”


The game is for 1 – 4 players.  MSRP has not been determined. FYI, the campaign has currently raised $94,828 from 1,028 backers ($92.25 /backer average). So don’t be surprised if this game ranges in the $90-$100 market.


For a more detailed look at the game as well as pledge to it’s campaign, check out the Kickstarter page here.


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