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Counterfeit ‘Magic the Gathering’ Cards Found



According to an article released earlier this week on Star City Games by Chas Andres, it was discovered that a individual or company in China has produced and released perhaps hundreds of thousands of counterfeit Magic cards.


Now, fake cards already exist. The difference here is, the “cards” produced in China are really good. This is why – at least in part – why Wizards of the Coast announced last week the redesign and added features, including a foiling “bubble” and proprietary font, to Magic cards coming with the release of Magic 2015.


Counterfeit cards is a serious issue and something that Battleground Games & Hobbies will likewise take very seriously.


To read Mr. Andres article in it’s entirety (recommended), please click here. His article likewise included how to detect these fakes, including images.


What do you think about this discovery? Please let us know in the comments below!



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