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Tasty Minstrel Games & Darwin Kastle to Release Cthulhu Game Based on ‘Star Realms’

First reported by hobby news website, Tasty Minstrel Games announced Cthulhu Realms, a deck building game designed by Darwin Kastle at a hobby industry-only show two weeks ago called GAMA in Los Vegas.
“It’s built on Darwin Kastle’s Star Realms engine,” said Daniel Hadlock of Tasty Minstrel, referring to the outer space deck building card game from White Wizard Games.  However, this deck building game is set in the realm of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu.

“The art takes a humorous horror approach, so it’s Cthulhu, but it’s got a family-friendly little twist to it,” said Hadlock.  “It has a little bit deeper, a little more tricky game play than an average deck builder game.”

The game is for 2-4 players, ages 14 and up, and plays in 25-45 minutes.  MSRP is $19.95, release is tentatively set for Gen Con, but may be later in the year.




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White Wizard Games Announces ‘Star Realms’ Expansion and New ‘Epic: Card Game”

At the GAMA Trade Show, White Wizard Games CEO and Lead Game Developer Rob Dougherty announced the company’s new Epic Card Game and an addition to its popular deck-building game, Star Realms: Year 2, during an interview with hobby news website


Epic Card Game is a new fantasy strategy card game that has elements of Ascension and Star Realms, Dougherty told ICv2. “The game plays like a trading card game or a Living Card Game, where it’s a strategy game,” he said. “Players will play champion cards that stay in play and fight for them, they can attack their opponent with them. They start with a score of 30 points. If their score gets reduced to zero, they’re opponent is eliminated.”


The deck box will contain 128 cards, eight of which are double-sided token cards with creatures (humans, demons, wolves, etc.). The 120 game cards will all be unique, with different artwork and distinct mechanics. The box will be enough for a 4-player game, and lends itself to sealed deck, draft or pre-constructed deck game styles.  A second deck can be added to support up to 8 players.


There is also the option of adding a third deck for recommended eight player drafts. Some cards have a white gem marking, which means a deck may include three of that card. Red gem cards are limited to one card per game.  MSRP is $14.99. The game is planned for fall (post-Gen Con) release.


Any relation to Epic, Rob Dougherty’s previous attempt at a game with the same name? Only time will tell.


The popular Star Realms deck-building game will add a new stand-alone deck this fall, Star Realms: Year Two.  ‘It will have explorers and scouts and vipers, just like the original, but the 80-card trade deck will be all new,” Dougherty said.  “It will also be an entry level product, so people who haven’t played Star Realms before can still play that as a two-player game.  They can be played separately, or it can be combined with the original deck for a wider variety of cards.”


And you can bet that Battleground Games & Hobbies will be ordering this one! We can’t wait to see what Star Realms: Year Two has to offer.




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Additional ‘Yu-Gi-Oh’ Releases Planned for 2014 Announced broke a story earlier this week that Konami was showing off more 2014 Yu-Gi-Oh! releases at the GAMA Trade Show – a show at which retailers, distributors and publishers gather to show off new products and talk shop; and Konami Vice President Card Business Yumi Hoashi shared details about some of the upcoming products.


The Primal Origin booster pack will release in May, and the Primal Origin: Deluxe Edition box will follow on June 13th.  The set will include nine Primal Origin boosters, plus two foil versions of common and/or rare cards, plus a pack of sleeves, a Beginner’s Guide and one of two foil versions of preview cards from the upcoming August booster set.  The two storage boxes were on display at the show.  “One will feature the Bujin deck, which is currently a very popular deck in the tournament scene.  The other one is the Gladiator Beasts, which has been a staple since the GX era,” said Hoashi.


Also on display was the new Realm of Light Structure Deck.  “It is based on the ‘Lightsworn’ theme.  ‘Lightsworns’ were first introduced in the GX era, and ‘Lightsworns’ have always been fan favorites as tournament decks. Because it was released in the GX era, ‘Lightsworns’ have never had a Synchro monster, but there is a new Synchro monster, plus the two new Tuner monsters you need to summon it, in this deck,” Hoashi shared.  The deck will have 41 cards, and will release June 27.

A new Starter Deck will release on July 11, which will introduce the Pendulum Monsters and Pendulum Summons. The new gameplay mechanic will add two new zones to the game field.  Deck title and other information are not yet availible.


July 25 will bring the new Battle Pack 3. The release is designed specifically for booster draft play, so duelists can build new decks directly from the packs. Details on how it differs from previous Battle Pack releases have yet to be revealed.


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