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White Wizard Games Announces ‘Star Realms’ Expansion and New ‘Epic: Card Game”

At the GAMA Trade Show, White Wizard Games CEO and Lead Game Developer Rob Dougherty announced the company’s new Epic Card Game and an addition to its popular deck-building game, Star Realms: Year 2, during an interview with hobby news website


Epic Card Game is a new fantasy strategy card game that has elements of Ascension and Star Realms, Dougherty told ICv2. “The game plays like a trading card game or a Living Card Game, where it’s a strategy game,” he said. “Players will play champion cards that stay in play and fight for them, they can attack their opponent with them. They start with a score of 30 points. If their score gets reduced to zero, they’re opponent is eliminated.”


The deck box will contain 128 cards, eight of which are double-sided token cards with creatures (humans, demons, wolves, etc.). The 120 game cards will all be unique, with different artwork and distinct mechanics. The box will be enough for a 4-player game, and lends itself to sealed deck, draft or pre-constructed deck game styles.  A second deck can be added to support up to 8 players.


There is also the option of adding a third deck for recommended eight player drafts. Some cards have a white gem marking, which means a deck may include three of that card. Red gem cards are limited to one card per game.  MSRP is $14.99. The game is planned for fall (post-Gen Con) release.


Any relation to Epic, Rob Dougherty’s previous attempt at a game with the same name? Only time will tell.


The popular Star Realms deck-building game will add a new stand-alone deck this fall, Star Realms: Year Two.  ‘It will have explorers and scouts and vipers, just like the original, but the 80-card trade deck will be all new,” Dougherty said.  “It will also be an entry level product, so people who haven’t played Star Realms before can still play that as a two-player game.  They can be played separately, or it can be combined with the original deck for a wider variety of cards.”


And you can bet that Battleground Games & Hobbies will be ordering this one! We can’t wait to see what Star Realms: Year Two has to offer.




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