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WizKids Announces ‘DC HeroClix: War of Light’

WizKids has announced it will release DC HeroClix: War of Light–Alternate Color Lantern Packs for its collectible miniatures game HeroClix on September 24th, according to hobby industry news website

The DC HeroClix: War of Light is part of the summer storyline event organized play, which begins in June. All the SKUs, with the exception of the Sinestro Corps War Scenario Packs which released in May, were OP exclusives, not for retail sale.  The new Alternate Color Lantern Packs are a for-sale retail product. 

The Lantern Packs come in an assortment case, which has six Lantern Packs total.  The three packs are Red and VioletOrange and Indigo, and Yellow and Blue.  Each pack contains two Central Power Battery Resource Object (one of each color), and two sets of corresponding-colored Construct Special Objects.



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‘Yu-Gi-Oh’ HeroClix: Series One Sneak Peek


Check out this special sneak-peek first published by of the Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix: Series One 24 Ct. Gravity Feed, releasing February 5th.  Series One will feature 55 figures with the following rarity scheme:  16 Common figures, 15 Uncommon figures, 12 Rare figures, 9 Super-Rare figures, and 3 Chase figures.

The Asura Priest (pictured left & below) begins play with its Multiple Arms special power which allows it to make up to four separate close combat attacks in one turn! Of course, when you have so many arms it’s much easier to attack enemies all around you than to concentrate on just one foe, so Multiple Arms has a special condition that no more than two attacks can target the same character.

Early-dial, the Asura Priest also enjoys the benefits of Willpower, which allows it to act two turns in a row with no fear of pushing damage, and Battle Fury.  While Battle Fury prevents another friendly character from carrying the Asura Priest into battle, it does allow the Asura Priest to ignore Mind Control and Incapacitate attacks, as well as Shape Change when it makes attacks of its own!

About ‘Yu-Gi-Oh’ HeroClix Series One 

Publisher: WizKids
Release Date: Starter Set (December 18, 2013), Gravity Feed (February 5, 2014)
MSRP:  Starter ($24.99); Foil Packs ($2.99)
Format: Starters include six figures, Foil Packs are one figure per pack
Rarity Scheme: 16 Common figures, 15 Uncommon figures, 12 Rare figures, 9 Super-Rare figures, and 3 Chase figures
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