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Look at these new self-rolling dice!

self rolling dice

I’m not quite sure where to categorize something like this. Either it’s the coolest thing ever invented for gamers, or it’s the dumbest thing that could exist. Let me introduce you to self-rolling dice. These bad boys have a tiny motor in them and are activated by sound. So, basically, with a snap of a finger, they’ll begin to “dance” around. Whatever side they land on is the roll you get! Hence why they are also nicknamed “boogie dice.” Here, check out the video of them in action.



So what did you think? Would you get yourself of self-rolling dice?


Some final thoughts on these dice – I think its great that people are going out of their way to mix technology and tabletop gaming. It makes you wonder what other inovations can people come up with. Another positive look on these self-rolling dice is that these might help disabled gamers. For those who can’t pick up dice and roll them, this could be an interesting alternative. Now, you don’t have to “snap” your fingers to make them roll. They activate based on any sound. Which leads me to some negatives about the dice. Role playing groups are notoriously loud, or at least they can get loud. So what’s stopping these dice from dancing around the entire playthrough?


The can currently be found on Kickstater. A fully charged die can roll for about 30 minutes – that equates to about 500 activations, according to the report. The suggested MSRP for two dice and a charging station is $39.99. There is no word yet on whether these will be sold at retail locations.


Source: ICv2


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