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Check out the new expansion for Smash Up titled, “It’s Your Fault”

Smash Up Its Your Fault Box Art

Hope everyone had an amazing holiday! I know I did. I had four rounds of food and somehow managed to survive. With that, here is some gaming news for today. It looks like fans of the game Smash Up can expect a new expansion for the game called “Smash Up: It’s Your Fault.” Due out sometime in March 2016, the expansion will feature four brand new factions including: Sharks, Superheroes, Greek Myths, and Dragons.


Also included in the expansion will be,


“…88 new cards, 4 card dividers to help with sorting, a token sheet, rulebook, and a secret ‘Shark Delivery System.'”


Personally, I’m excited to see what the Greek Myths have to offer. Combined with Ninjas or Robots and I think we’ve got a winning combination. What do you think? What are you looking forward to teaming up when the expansion comes out? Smash Up is for 2 players, but can be expanded to 4 by combining multiple sets, and is intended for ages 14 and up. The suggested MSRP is $19.99.




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‘Smash Up: Monster Smash’ Expansion Announced

According to retailer news website, Alderac Entertainment Group was previewing the upcoming addition to its hit Smash Up card game line at ACD Game Day last week.  Smash Up: Monster Smash is planned for September release.


This edition is Halloween themed, and the four factions featured in this iteration are vampires, werewolves, mad scientists, and giant ants.  Each 20-card faction deck can be smashed together with another to create a 40-card play deck, for two-player battles.  Monster Smash can be combined with other Smash Up games to create interesting faction play, as well as expand the game to four players.

The box will contain the four faction decks, victory tokens, and rules.  

AEG Director of Sales & New Market Development Sean Lashgari noted that the upcoming Smash Up: Big Geeky Box is also planned for release around the same time.


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