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ICv2: ‘Walking Dead’ Board Game Kickstarter Closed


Retailer news website announced today, that the Kickstarter for a new board game based on The Walking Dead comic series was canceled on Saturday, around a week before the funding period was to complete.  The project creators announced that they’ve “agreed to an exclusive distribution deal with Diamond/Alliance,” which led to the decision to cancel the Kickstarter.


“Given that we now have an amazing distribution deal with the perfect distribution partner, we don’t feel comfortable continuing to ask for funding money through Kickstarter,” the creators announced in an update.  The game will now be solicited by Diamond Comic Distributors and Alliance Game Distributors.”


Backers had pledged $31,830 of the $81,100 goal before the project was canceled, and the project creators had noted that pledges had dropped off.



The Walking Dead: The Prison Board Game, is described as a “stand-alone sequel to the hit 2011 game Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead: The Board Game, published by Z-Man Games.”  The Z-Man game did well, but was often out of print and was eventually eclipsed by the game based on the TV show, published by Cryptozoic Entertainment.  This gives another chance for a game based on the comic to come to the fore.



Artwork is by Charlie Adlard, with game design by Keith Tralins through his Megagigaomnicorp, which was the company he used for his first game, based on the Lost TV show.  Also involved are Matt Wang, co-founder of Top8mangic, who worked on the Z-ManThe Walking Dead Board Game, the Chaotic TCG, and many other games; Brian David-Marshall; and Jason Greeno.



The game will include a board, 90 Encounter Cards, 20 Follower Cards, 30 Goal Cards, 15 Room Cards, 6 Starting Character Portraits, 6 Bases, a rulebook, 6 starting character player sheets, 4 Blue Hero dice, 4 Red Warrior dice, 4 Green Scavenger dice, 1 Black Ammo die, 96 Zombie tokens, 24 Fatigue markers, 15 Secured markers, 12 Resource markers, and 6 Leadership Point markers.



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