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Asmodee Announces ‘Five Tribes’ Expansion

Asmodee has announced a new release for its Days of Wonder game studio, the first expansion for Bruno Cathala’s Five Tribes, according to hobby industry news website The Artisans of Naqala will release at Gen Con this August.


Five Tribes Expan 1



The expansion for Bruno Cathala’s “worker displacement” game introduces a new tribe to the game, the Artisans from the mountains of the Sultanate of Naqala.  The Artisans are represented by purple Meeples, and their presence adds a new layer of strategy to the game.  They can craft magic or precious items: some worth Victory Points, some which unlock special powers.  They also bring new tiles (workshops, specialized markets, impassible chasm) and new Djinns to the game.


Five Tribes Expand 2

The box contains: 15 Wooden Tribe Meeples, 6 new Tiles (Workshops, Specialized Markets, and Chasm), 4 Tents, 4 Djinn cards (2 new & 2 revised), 6 Mountains, 18 Item Markers, 1 New Scoring Pad, 4 Summary Sheets and a rule booklet.  As an expansion, it requires the base game to play.  The game is for 2-4 players, ages 13 and up, and plays in 40-80 minutes.  MSRP is $25.00.





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Fantasy Flight Games Announces New ‘Descent’ Expansion

Fantasy Flight Games will release Bonds of the Wild Hero and Monster Collection, a new expansion for its perennially popular Descent:  Journeys into the Dark Second Edition dungeon exploration game, according to hobby industry news blog, coming to Battleground Games & Hobbies in July.


Bonds of the Wild includes four heroes and 18 monsters that were previously available for the first edition of the game, but are new for the second edition.  The unpainted plastic figures all have new sculpts and the game cards feature new artwork, as well as updated rules and stats for the second edition.

The four heroes include Lyssa, Challara, Vyrah the Falconer, and Ronan of the Wild.  The new monsters include 12 kobolds, four hellhounds, and two deep elves.

The expansion also includes two new quests: One Man’s Trash and Bonds of the Wild, which challenge the heroes to locate the legendary Tree of Life and it’s healing powers.

As an expansion, the base game is needed to play.  MSRP is $34.95.  This will be the sixth Hero and Monster Collection for Descent Second Edition.




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Fantasy Flight Announces New ‘Netrunner’ Expansion

Fantasy Flight Games will release the third deluxe expansion for its Android: Netrunner Living Card Game, Order and Chaos, in December, according to hobby news website

The expansion story focuses on the Weyland Consortium’s ambitions to take humanity to the stars, and the Anarch’s attempt to trash Weyland’s safeguards for that future.  The 165-card set (three copies each of 55 cards) focuses primarily on the Anarchs and Weyland Consortium, though all factions will find use for the new ice, assets, programs and resources, including six different neutral cards.  Both Anarch and Weyland factions gain three new identities for their decks.



Netrunner was the top hobby channel non-collectible card game in Spring 2014 and has been a top seller since it was re-launched in 2012.


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Asmodee Announces ‘7 Wonders’ Expansion: ‘Babel’


Asmodee will release a new expansion for Antoine Bauza’s 7 Wonders series, 7 Wonders Babel, in November, according to news website

The 7 Wonders Babel expansion adds a new dimension to the card drafting and set collection game, centered around the construction of the nearby Tower of Babel and other monuments.  Babel actually contains two expansions, which can be played individually or together, or combined with other 7 Wonders expansions.

At the beginning of a game, players draft quarter-circle tiles before drafting anything else.  The tiles are “laws” that affect all the players while they are displayed after being played on the circular display wheel.  They may be infinite resources from a single card, or an effect on how many points winners of military conflicts receive at the end of a round.



In the first expansion, players have the option of playing a new tile rather than collecting three coins, but once four tiles have been played, the next tile will cover the first existing tile (as the tower ascends), so laws can change throughout the game. Players also earn points at the end of the game depending on how many tiles they placed throughout the game.

The second expansion involves a laws card which is chosen at the beginning of each age, with tokens placed on it corresponding to the number of players in the game.  The tokens are a tax on players who wish to play cards of a certain color, and as they are played, a player collects a token for paying the tax. If all the tokens are removed by the end of the round, players receive a bonus for tokens they collected, or conversely, if tokens remain, then players who did not pay the tax are penalized.



The box contains 1 Tower of Babel board, 24 Babel tiles, 15 Edifice cards, 1 Participation marker, Edifice chips, a score book and a rule book.  The game is for 2 – 7 players, ages 13 and up, and plays in 45 minutes.  As an expansion, it requires the base game to play.






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Greater Than Games Announces Expansion for ‘Sentinels of the Multiverse’

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Greater Than Games has announced the next Sentinels of the Multiverse expansion, according to hobby news website, which will be called Wrath of the Cosmos.  The product is currently in Kickstarter, with a planned December 2014 release to backers and later for retailers.

The Wrath of the Cosmos expansion features two new heroes, four villains, and two environments to the cooperative card game based on classic comic books. The players must work together to defend the earth from extra-terrestrial threats.

Sentinels of the Multiverse has been a huge success for Greater Than Games.  As Christopher Badell, Greater Than Games’ Design Director and co-owner, explained, “In the last two years, since we released the Enhanced Edition at Gen Con 2012, we’ve sold over 60,000 copies of Sentinels of the Multiverse.  That doesn’t count the sales of any expansions or anything else, that’s just the core game itself.”


Greater Than Games is also developing a program to support in-store events for their games.  This may include “demo boxes” that include promotional materials for retailers that want to run demos of its games in their stores.  An in-store tournament league is also planned to support the new Sentinel Tactics game.





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Z-Man Games Announces ‘Pandemic: Legacy’

Z-Man Games has announced, according to hobby news website, a new addition to its popular disease-fighting Pandemic line of strategy games, Pandemic: Legacy.

The original Pandemic was designed by Matt Leacock, and this version is co-designed by Rob Daviau, who designed Risk Legacy.  Pandemic Legacy will incorporate the evolving history and consequences of current games into future ones, much like role playing games.  Characters and their actions in the current game play will affect how future games are played.

A Z-Man Games representative confirmed Pandemic: Legacy will not be released until 2015. 

Other imminent upcoming releases in the Pandemic line include Pandemic: Contagion, in which players are the diseases, which will release at Gen Con; and the dice-based stand-alone Pandemic: The Cure, which is due in Q4.


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